How To Do a Pedicure on Yourself


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Supplies Needed

A simple way to keep all your supplies together is to store them in what you use to soak your feet. Supplies needed: Towel Nail polish remover Cotton balls or cotton pads Cotton swabs Foot bath or a way to soak both feet in Foot file Cuticle remover Orangewood stick Exfoliating salt scrub or product Base coat Nail polish

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How to Do a Pedicure on Yourself  in 12 Simple Steps

Pedicures not only make our feet look pretty, they make them feel great too. But pedicures don’t always come cheap and you’ve got to get yourself out to the salon to get one done. Why not save a ton of cash and give yourself a pedicure at home? Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite show and pamper yourself at the same time.

pedicure at home
The following instructions are for a complete home pedicure, but many of the steps are optional if you don’t happen to have the supplies handy. Of course, you’ll want to add the missing items to your shopping list, so you can get the full treatment next time!