Are You Sure It's Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a relatively common condition.  If you have been undergoing treatment for plantar fasciitis and are doing all the correct things you podiatrist recommended but are not improving, it may be time to consider an alternative problem that is causing your heel pain.

Recently we talked with a podiatrist about diagnosing the true cause of an individual's heel pain and how he would be able to arrive at a differential diagnosis. Here was the reply in a nutshell:

There is another condition known as calcaneal bursitis.

Here are the differences between the 2 conditions:

Quoting our source:

"Fasciitis is inflammation of the ligament as it inserts into the calcareous.  It usually gets more painful as the day/activity goes on.

Calcaneal bursitis is inflammation of the Bursa sac beneath the calcareous. It usually get more sore after a resting period ( sit down, sleeping) because it has time to swell up due to a lack of weight bearing.  Then the first steps after the rest period are very painful and seem to subside with some time because the swollen bursa is lessened with the weight bearing.
The bursa is palpated with pressure directly under the bone, and it hurts "there".
The fascia is palpated with pressure in front of the heel bone at the insertion of the ligament, and it hurts " there"."

It is recommended that if you are not improving, ask your doctor about alternative diagnoses.  Feel free to print out this post as well.