How to Avoid a Foot Sports Injury

People in sports are at a higher risk of getting a foot sports injury. The right ways to protect our feet are listed here.

Keep It Clean

Not very exciting, but true. Regular cleansing and proper drying of the feet and toes washes bacteria away, which will help in preventing foot odor and infections. Keeping feet dry during activity helps too; there are sport socks made specifically for wicking moisture away from feet.
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Nail Care

Essential for athletes as an ingrowing toenail can be extremely painful, and in some cases it can stop you from your activity or even warrant surgery. Which means your training will have to wait for up to several weeks.

Choose the Right Footwear

Additionally it's important to wear the correct shoes for the chosen activity. A highly supportive trainer that absorbs impact is advised for those who run and jump in their chosen sport.

Stretch Exercises

Everyone benefits from this - foot stretches before strenuous activities can't be stressed enough; this is not a broken record...this is not a broken record...

Train on the Right Surface

...if you do go running regularly or are a track athlete. Training on an appropriate surface will help prevent foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis as a professional track surface will be less harsh on the feet than a concrete road or pavement.

Protect Sensitive Areas

The use of heel pads, arch cushions and pads over the typical areas for blisters can help. Most sports shops carry a range as do pharmacies and some supermarkets.

Sports are good for our health, but we also need to  protect our feet from getting hurt. Why take the chance of needlessly sidelining yourself for weeks at a time?