Barefoot Benefits

Summertime is when we want to feel warm breezes on bare skin and grass under bare feet. barefoot in grass

Going barefoot is good for your feet; you use foot muscles differently. Walking barefoot in the sand is a good workout for the feet and legs and has some cardiovascular benefits as well.

Runners often finish with a barefoot run (heck, some plain run in their bare feet!).

Common sense issues: Use sunscreen on your feet. A fair-skinned friend of mine once spent an entire day in the sun and forgot to protect his feet; he was laid up for a couple of days from the severe sunburn on his feet.

If you are near a campfire or on a campground, wear shoes. Thousands of people are burned everyy summer from unknowingly stepping into hot ash.

Hiking? Take your shoes along; you never know about sharp rocks, broken glass, or something jutting up from cloudy riverbeds.

Good places to walk barefooted are safe, mowed areas like parks, football fields, and golf courses, or the edge of beaches and sandbars near rivers.

barefoot on beach

If you do step on something and puncture the foot, see a podiatrist. Often you may not know what you stepped on, or fragments of the object can remain in the foot and lead to infection.



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