Big Toe to Ankle Tightness

There is a tendon in the foot, the Extensor Hallucis Longus muscle,  that comes from the ankle, travels across the top of the foot and attaches to the big toe. It coordinates with the Achilles tendon and calf muscles; you use it along with the  Extensor Digitrorum Longus muscle that attaches to the other toes, to be able to flex your foot.

Stress can cause pain, inflammation of the tendons, and swelling.

The causes include over-exercise, excessive calf stretching, and ineffective arch support. Following is a helpful video by Stephanie Herbst Lucke; she demonstrates a better way to lace shoes that does not aggravate the tendons.

Here is a quick test you can try to determine if you have extensor tendonitis verses a stress fracture or other problem: point your toes down. Have someone push on the ends of your toes whiole you try to point them up; if you feel top of the foot pain, it's most likely this condition.

Mild cases of extensor tendonitis can be treated with calf stretches and anti-inflammatory medication. Serious cases may include a removable cast.

From a customer on amazon:

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We have replaced the previous post with this informative video. Instead of a lengthy article, Stephanie explains and demonstrates what to do for top of the foot pain. We hope you find it as helpful as we do.