Care After Foot Surgery

Your instructions for home usually are

RICE: Rest

Ice; 20 minutes every hour while awake for the first few days

Compression (your dressing will already be doing this), and

Elevation Your surgeon will likely call and check on you the same day; the surgery center usually within 24 hours. Your foot will be "asleep" from the numbing medication for several hours; just follow your Doctor's orders on medications post-operatively; the surgery center will also re-inforce the instructions.

The main thing to remember is your body will help you know how you are doing; if your foot is throbbing, elevate it. Relief is immediate. Do ice it the first few days. Call your doctor if the area is extremely painful, swollen, or red and hot to the touch.

Swelling will last for weeks; be patient. You will be dancing soon. Don't dance? You should think about it.

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