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Club Foot: Diagnosis and Treatment

Club Foot, or congenital talipes equinovarus,  is a deformity of the foot present at birth. In appearance, it looks like the foot has been rotated inward at the ankle. About half of clubfoot deformities affect both feet. The term 'deformities' is simply taken from a long-standing medical reference.  Most babies can be successfully treated and go […]


Child With Foot Pain: Rule Out Kohler's Disease

There is an unusual foot condition your child may experience; if your child complains of foot pain or your child says his/her feet are "cold" these are classic symptoms of a condition known as Kohler Disease.


Don't Let Your Child's Pigeon Toes Be a Worry

Pigeon toes are also known as intoeing (the toes point inward), and the medical term is metatarsus adductus. it doesn’t cause more falls (clumsiness) or arthritis. The biggest problem is fitting shoes. If you are considering special shoes or braces, please save yourself the money and visit a podiatrist first. Braces, special shoes or shoe […]

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