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Happy Kids Need Happy Feet

If your child is having trouble playing sports, or has pain in the ankles, knees, and/or hips, it makes sense to check their feet, the supporting factor for good mechanical alignment.


Your Child's Flat Feet: What You Should Know

We are born with little or no foot arch; there is a sizable pad of fat on babies' inside arches which changes with growing. If you still note your child's flat feet (the medical term for flat feet is pes planus ) by the age of six , it is time to visit a podiatrist .


Does Anyone Have Advice for Children Being Treated for Clubfoot?

My son just got his Dennis Browne Bar and shoes and he completely hates them. He cries and can not sleep in them! He's supposed to wear them full-time right now, but he really isn't getting used to them. Are there any other alternatives? From admin: Please read our article: Club Foot: Diagnosis and Treatment. […]

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