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Foot Pain Relief For Children

Children need foot pain relief too! Watch for limping, a decrease in activities, rubbing the feet, etc. An early visit to a podiatrist can go a long way to prevent a chronic or lifelong problem with your child's feet, and possibly entire legs or even spinal problems. This video tells more: Podiatrists Keep America Walking […]


How To Choose Baby Shoes and Children's Shoes

What You Need to Know About Baby and Children’s Shoe Needs Shoes are worn for comfort , to enhance appearance and for protection . Shoes are not corrective and the foot does not need support for normal activities. The foot requires mobility to function normally. It has been demonstrated that populations that are predominantly bare […]


How to Keep Your Child's Feet Happy When Playing Sports

Sports Injuries in Children Approximately 30 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports in the United States. About 3 million sports injuries occur annually in children. Most injuries occur in unorganized compared to organized sports. The majority of injuries are sprains and strains. Types of sports injuries in children Sports injuries in children are […]

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