Choosing Golf Shoes golf shoes

When choosing golf shoes,  think like the pros and your game will improve.  A lot of people focus on their swing and their clubs, but well-fitting footwear with the correct type of grip affects your performance, your stance, endurance, and more.  What's happening with your feet extends up the leg, hips, and spine.

The wrong shoe can wreak havoc beginning with the back swing; not only the smoothness but the power and follow through.

You also need to think about how much walking you will do; maybe your local club allows carts, but some courses like Pebble Beach in California don't.  And you might like to walk regardless of the options.

Another consideration are soft spikes. There are courses that don't allow hard spikes.

Climate and terrain is another factor.  Golf shoes that work in Scottsdale may not affect your game the same way as in climates with a lot more humidity or temperature changes.

First Steps

Common sense tips, to help you avoid discomfort later:

  • Get the shoes late in the day, when your feet are the most swollen and largest. it's easy enough to fill the gap with an insert verses tightness in the early game.
  • Get both feet measured, and buy for the larger foot. Again, use an insert for the smaller foot.
  • Wear the same socks you will use on the course.
  • Walk around in the shoe for several minutes. Stretch, swing, bounce, ... be sure your toes don't jam into the box, or there is too much give mid-shoe when swinging.
  • Bring a club and swing it; the weight is a factor.

What good does your golf club do if you can't swing properly?  Choosing golf shoes is as important for your game as your clubs.

Once you do make a choice, if your are really serious about upping your game, take a look at Body4Golf. It can't be stressed enough how important foot alignment is in sports.

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Chris C
Former Vice President of Operations
Arnold Palmer Golf Management
Orlando, FL