Coughing and Feet

There is an email making the rounds that recommends an unusual treatment to stop coughing:  Vicks' VapoRub.  Vicks' is not new, of course, but the treatment with it is new (to me anyway).  At bedtime, you are supposed to apply a generous amount of VapoRub to the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks.

Covering feet with Vicks' is safe for anyone, even children.  With all the ingredients in cough syrup that could be harmful, this seemed like a great alternative.

A woman claimed that she soon felt like a warm blanket was surrounding her and she slept soundly for the first time since the onset of her cold and cough.

I was skeptical.  Is this real, or more 'netlore'?  Here are several posts I found:

How to Stop Coughing in 5 Minutes - wikiHow

[edit] Vicks VapoRub Technique. Apply Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet. Put socks on your feet, and lay in a relaxed position for at least five minutes. Walk around if a cough persists. ...

Inexplicable but Undeniable!

Coat the soles of your feet with a thin layer of Vicks VapoRub and then put on a pair of socks. Don't ask me how, but this will guarantee a good nights sleep and stop a cough and keep your nose clear all night! ...

Vicks Foot Rub?


The National Research Council of Canada (also referred to as NRC) has recently learned of an email that is circulating which claims we have proven that Vicks VapoRub™ can be applied to the feet to cure a persistent cough. ...

Vicks VapoRub on Soles of Feet Relieves Coughing - Netlore Archive

Forwarded email claims that coughing in children can be stopped '100% of the time' by applying Vicks Vaporub to the bottoms of their feet and covering them with socks at bedtime.

Sounds like Vicks VapoRub on feet was as you thought:  too good to be true.  But one happy office worker uses it at the office; he claims it's like citronella in keeping co-workers away!