Create Your Own Shoes Online

People Power;  it's everywhere.  Now there is a new website, still in beta, that lets users design and vote for their favorite sneaks.  This gives the term "crowd control" an updated and much more pleasant meaning.boysclipart

The website is Ryz.  The premise is simple:  designs are submitted, winners are determined by web visitors, and the winning designs are sent into production.

Winning designers get $1000 and $1 for each sale.  Not bad!  The start-up genius is Rob Langstaff, former head of operations for Adidas in Japan and North America.  The shoes sell for only $90.

There are 2 winners with shoes in production:

"Conflict", a sneak that cleverly juxtaposes the history of African wars against the hope for peace with the African continent, tribal shields, and machine guns in bright colors.  The creator hopes to aid Ugandan children.  Great shoe.

"The Creep" tributes the mighty Owl by depicting its many powers.  The artist chose the owl as "...a symbol for mastery of wisdom, environment, and survival."

They also have shoes that look like the TV screen when programming is over, with colored stripes, and a cable crisscrossed pair.  They are described as "footwear history" and even have unique serial numbers.

The 3rd contest just finished July 31st, so check back soon to see the winners at

Ryswear has phenomenal talent onboard:

  • Christopher Vidal, (Shoelebrity), also a great photographer
  • Jennifer Wannarachue of WorshipWorthy, aka Sister Agnes
  • David Gensler of Trust the KDU.  David's bio lists him as a designer and business strategist; his stats are so impressive that to describe his acccomplishments as a consultant is like being in a tidal wave and saying you got a little wet.


Another must-see is BOMBINMagazine, a website created by the New York street art culture.  You definitely will feel their unique take on life on city streets.  (Not for prissies.)