Diabetes Foot Care Videos

Here is vital information for diabetics in a video format:

1. Introduction; why diabetes control helps foot health.

Picture of a diabetic foot ulcer:

diabetic foot ulcer

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2.  Diabetic foot exam; stress on diabetic neuropathy and circulation issues, and the effects of smoking on diabetics.


It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous smoking is.  This is the toe of a diabetic suffering from neuropathy; he also







Healthy foot Illuminated Mirror

diabetic foot inspection mirror

Illuminated Mirror

The Diabetic Basics Healthy Foot Illuminated Mirror can help you get a look at your feet from every angle. The mirror magnifies the foot up to three times and has an LED light for greater illumination.

3.  How To Do Your Own Foot Inspection

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Video: Diabetic Foot Pain Treated With Magnetic Shoe Inserts


Foam Insoles With Magnets

magnetic shoe inserts

Soft, comfortable, and thin enough to fit in any shoe. Each innersole contains 8 embedded (not protruding) strategically placed, medical-grade 800 gauss magnets. These insoles contain nearly twice the magnetic power as similar products.