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Four Reasons Diabetics Benefit From Foot Cream

Four Reasons Diabetics Benefit From Foot Cream

[startaslider width="620" height="300" arrows="true? buttons="true? transition="false? insidespacing="10" background="ffffff" borderwidth="1" bordercolor="cccccc"] [startaslide]The statistics on diabetics are alarming: over 1.5 million Americans a year are diagnosed with diabetes.foot exam
According to diabetics’ health care costs $5-$6 per person for every dollar spent on non-diabetics’ health care.

What would help? According to the CDC, good preventive practices can lower amputation rates anywhere from 45-85%.

It cannot be stressed enough: prevention is the key. And the key to prevention is education. Diabetics and their caregivers need to be armed with as much information as possible in order to benefit.
A great place to begin is by inspecting feet daily. Incorporate a routine that becomes a good habit, such as a foot massage. It not only feels good, it stimulates circulation in the feet. Using a good diabetic foot cream during foot massage is a great idea. Here are four reasons: >>
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1. It gives you the opportunity to visually inspect your feet as well as touch them.
diabetic foot cream
Are there any changes in sensation? Look for any numb areas, or places that feel more sensitive to normal contact. Diabetic neuropathy can include either of these symptoms.

Check for any worsening of cracking or peeling skin. Skin functions as a barrier to infection; when it breaks down, germs can invade the area and cause infection.

Keep a journal to record any changes. A simple notepad will do.>>
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2. It gives you a chance to check your toenails for rough edges that need to be trimmed.
3. Look for signs of problems foot wear could be causing. Look for redness or swelling caused by ill-fitting shoes or socks that you may not be able to feel.
Using diabetic foot cream is great for your feet. Avoid placing it between the toes, and be sure to thoroughly dry your feet after bathing.
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4. You  help increase circulation to your lower extremities. Apply it with a massaging action. Always massage in an upward motion to return venous blood flow to the heart.
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