Effective Foot Creams for Cracked Heels

Besides looking unsightly, we should try to treat cracked heels for another reason.  Our skin is not only the largest organ of the human body, it is also a barrier to infection.  Feet are already more susceptible to problems if circulation is diminished, feet can harbor bacteria, and cracks can more readily become compromised with either or both of these conditions.  Read more on this guest post:

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Millions of people across the globe suffer from dry, cracked heels and itchy, scaly patches of skin on their feet and more often than not most people don't' know how to go about effectively treating them. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of various foot creams found in your local pharmacy or spa only some of them are formulated with specific ingredients that are not only completely safe but incredibly effective as well. If you can identify the causes of your dry feet than you are just that much more equipped to effectively treat them.

One of the biggest factors in the development of dry feet may very well be your shoes. If you wear shoes that are too small to too big it can cause unnecessary friction between your feet, your socks and your shoe which can lead to itching and irritation. Also if you have a habit of wearing shoes without socks, especially during the hot summer months you may want to start wearing socks regularly as stagnant sweat from your feet can cause a buildup of fungi and bacterium that can cause athlete's foot.

If you want to reduce to possibility of developing athlete's foot start by wearing a clean pair of cotton socks with your shoes. Another good option to use in conjunction with clean socks is to use a foot cream that is made with Eucalyptus Extract as it has exceptional anti fungal properties as well as being a potent antiseptic that kills fungus and bacteria that can cause athletes foot on contact.

Another common cause of dry feet can actually be attributed to the type of soap you're using. Many of the body washes and soaps have high petroleum contents which are notorious for stripping the skin of essential hydration and severely drying out the skin. Despite the fact that petroleum products a supposed to be beneficial moisturizers, that is clearly not the case. If you want to totally moisturize your feet without sucking water from the skin look for a foot cream that is made with Super Sterol Liquid. Super Sterol Liquid is a 100% organic compound made up of various fatty acids and cholesterols that thoroughly hydrates skin cells as well as creating a breathable barrier that locks in moisture and heals surface skin issues.

If you are suffering from painfully dry feet and cracked heels then I think it's time you start searching for a foot cream made with world renowned organic ingredients like Eucalyptus Extracts and Super Sterol Liquid. Try reading hand cream reviews for an unbiased view of some of the most popular hand creams or consult a dermatologist and see if they can recommend a hand cream that is the best at reducing dry hands for you

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