FitFlops Declared A Winner By Oprah!

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FitFlops now have Oprah's blessing.

The cleverly designed and marketed footwear was first introduced in the United States in 2007 and was an immediate hit with American women; this week's "Oprah's Favorites" of Summer 2008, with Heidi Klum guesting (Heidi, by the way, has never looked better), assures us FitFlops will be an even bigger hit.

What makes FitFlops so special? The soles are made of a microwobble board (patented) that claims to be able give your leg muscles a little workout, and burn more calories to boot. More importantly, they may improve posture and absorb shock. Plus they are cute!

Update May 24 2008: FitFlops have been studied at Salford University and the results are positive. Wearers report the "wobbleboard effect" of the shoes relieves back pain and arthritis pain, plus the scientists, Phil Graham-Smith and Richard Jones have found that legs and hips are given a "targeted workout".

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