Five Finger Shoes And Huarache Sandals; As Barefoot As You Can Get

A lot of runners seek that minimal shoe; running barefoot is centuries old. Today some of the best long-distance runners are from Africa, and many present-day runners run in bare feet.

Runners also do other activities in their running shoes, like jumping into water, hiking, and climbing. This activity challenges the classically constructed running shoe. A lot of runners want a truly minimal shoe, not unlike huarache sandals (a rudimenatry shoe made of strips of rubber). The well-known Tarahumara tribe of Mexico ran in the sandals.

This video is by Barefoot Ted, running in Huarache Sandals like a Tarahumara Tribesman would. 

The Vibram Five Finger shoe has been getting a lot of good feedback.


vibram five

Here is a brief video that demonstrates how quickly the leg muscles develop with the five finger shoe.

They are called five fingers because each toe is encased, like a glove for feet. They also recognize the need for five finger shoes for various activities, so they have running shoes, kayaking shoes, etc.

Features of the Vibram Five Finger Shoe: The following points are attributed to Benita DeWitt:

  • Movement is not limited while the sole is still protected
  • The muscles of the leg and ankle help supply shock absorption
  • These same muscles help supply support, instead of just the feet

Five Finger shoes have a lot of fans, who wear them for everything from gardening to tree climbing.

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