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Choosing Golf Shoes

When choosing golf shoes,  think like the pros and your game will improve.  A lot of people focus on their swing and their clubs, but well-fitting footwear with the correct type of grip affects your performance, your stance, endurance, and more.  What's happening with your feet extends up the leg, hips, and spine. The wrong […]


How Runners Benefit From Podiatric Care

The foot is a complex structure. It has 26 bones, 33 joints and 112 ligaments. All these help the foot support the weight of the body while standing, walking and running. In spite of all this, when there is excess strain on your foot, you can suffer damages. This is especially true in cases of […]


Running Away from Foot Pain?

The Dangers of Ignoring Foot Pain When Running We've all heard of 'runners' high', the rush felt when the body releases endorphins (a morphine-like chemical) after running long distances or during extreme exercise. It may be one of the reasons some runners ignore foot pain while running. They are in a sense addicted to their […]

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