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Huge Toe Blister

This toe blister is the biggest I have ever seen!  From the 2007 Javelina Jundred; shot by Craig Thornley.


Tips for Marathon Runners

Marathon Runners' Tips During the weeks and months before a marathon, you should log your progress.  You will learn how to perform better, and even learn more about yourself. This is the also when you take care of your feet. From footwear to form, every choice you make will impact your success. Footwear Cushioned shoes; […]


Toe Pain And Running Shoes

Enduring toe pain while running needs immediate attention; runners will usually perservere and while admirable, this will possibly make a temporary problem take much longer to resolve.  Just stop and remedy the situation so you can continue to enjoy your runs.  Plus if your stride is changing it can affect your knees, hips, and back.  […]

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