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Running Shoes With Orthotics Can Improve Your Pace

The motions of repetition your feet make while running involve overpronation.  That is the range of motion your foot makes during a stride, to the maximum. Remember, every step does do its damage; everyone's feet are subjected to the aging process but with extreme physical exertion, and without mechanical correction, your feet will show wear […]


Which Running Shoe Features Are Not Good For You?

There is more than one school of thought on shoe features; sometimes personal experience speaks for itself.  During research I found some sound advice from a Dr. Von Hof regarding airbags in shoes.  He referenced and article from the Pedorthic NewsWire ( Corporate name is Aetrex Worldwide; Phil Simms is a spokesperson), and after having […]


Define Achilles Tendonitis: What It Is; What To Do

The Achilles tendon is the large rope-like band of connective tissue you can feel behind your foot. If it gets irritated, it swells and is called tendonitis. It happens mostly with overuse or a surge in physical activity and is common in athletes and runners in particular. Symptoms range from mild to pronounced discomfort, and […]

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