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Gladiator Shoes for the Summer

Gladiator Shoes.  You know, worn by Charlton Heston?  Do we just need to be spoon-fed new "fashion" ideas and we're off like a prom dress?  Are these shoes flattering?  Gladiator shoes effectively separate your foot from your leg, and you have a chopped-up look. What do you think?   Hmm.  Here are more opinions; look […]


Barefoot Benefits

Summertime is when we want to feel warm breezes on bare skin and grass under bare feet. Going barefoot is good for your feet; you use foot muscles differently. Walking barefoot in the sand is a good workout for the feet and legs and has some cardiovascular benefits as well. Runners often finish with a […]


Pedicure Safety: Prevent Infections With These Simple tips Widgets   It is not a bad idea to have your own pedicure tools; even if you do not have time to do your own pedicure, tote a kit with you to your salon. Savvy Nail Kit      Available in other styles The following health risks have been associated with nail salons....... Fungal infections such […]

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