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Seven Reasons Natural Nail Polish Is Better For You

Update: Since this was first published, we were able to come up with many more than seven reasons! Taking care of your nails is a good habit; first impressions count. However, do you know what you are putting on your nails? Almost every nail polish product today has chemicals you would not want to be […]


More Peppermint Foot Cream Please! And Other Great Scents

Of any kind of foot cream , I think peppermint foot cream is my favorite. The tingling effect is awesome, and the benefits of smoothing rough heels makes sandal season much more appealing. Podiatrist-recommended Callex Ointment thins and softens calluses and dry, cracked heels. Its natural plant enzymes selectively exfoliate dry, cracked, thickened and scaly […]


For the Love of Feet: How Women Should Choose Shoes

What the heck does THAT mean; how women should choose shoes? What time of day? - after walking around for hours, when they are nice and swollen… Bring a friend for advice? - why not… Only when they’re on sale? - who likes money - No, the reason for the blog is about foot care, […]

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