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Treat Foot Pain with Dry Needling & Steroids

This is a very interesting new idea for foot pain. particularly plantar fasciitis.  The plantar fascia is a band of connective tissue running from the heel to the ball of the foot.  When the bottom of the foot is overstressed, it can first cause pain; the pain could be from an aerobic injury or even […]


Coughing and Feet

There is an email making the rounds that recommends an unusual treatment to stop coughing:  Vicks' VapoRub.  Vicks' is not new, of course, but the treatment with it is new (to me anyway).  At bedtime, you are supposed to apply a generous amount of VapoRub to the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks. […]


Design Your Own Keds

Keds and Zazzle have joined forces.  You can pick a design for your Keds at Zazzle's Keds Studio, or at the Keds Studio on Stride Rite.  You can even upload your own design.  You get to choose the shoe style and sizes as well. You can also sell your designs on Zazzle, and with over […]

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