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Ndeur Plus Etsy: Custom-Designed Shoes

From Toronto Canada:  French artist Mathieu Missiaen founded this innovative idea, which hand-paints designs (over 50 choices online or you can let the artist choose) in an oil-based paint on virtually any type of shoe. The one-of-a kind shoes are marketed on several websites including Etsy, which is renowned for promoting handmade goods.  Prices vary […]


Puma Shoes Acknowledge Endangered Species

Mitsuaki Iwago, Photographer with National Geographic, and Puma shoes have collaborated on 3 different engangered species this year:  the Crested Ibis, Golden Monkey, and Giant Panda.  The soles of the shoes feature photographs of each animal.   More: PUMA x Atmos x Mitsuaki Iwago - Polar Bear Clyde The shoes were created in hopes of […]


Running In Heels

...And other brilliant ideas!  Podiatrists everywhere will love this. Kelly Ripa was bored; she's down to just the one talk show, countless commercials, social events, and several toddlers, so she was involved in a High Heels Race in New York earlier this month. Actually the race was for a cause.  Sponsored by Dr. Scholl, the […]

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