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How To Treat Corns

Do your foot corns look like these?  What are the best ways how to treat corns, and how do you keep them from returning? Corns are simply areas of thickened skin on the toes.  The medical term for a foot corn (there always is a medical term!) is heloma. Helomas have 2 types, soft (heloma […]


How To Stop Athletes Foot In Its Tracks

Yes, you can stop athlete's foot. Athlete’s foot is also called as Tinea pedis . It is the infection of the toe webs and soles of the feet. It commonly affects pre-adolescents, adolescents and adults. Usually the webs between the third to the fourth toe and the fourth to fifth are affected. It can spread […]


Heel Spurs and Their Treatment

Heel spurs are a painful bony deformity that often form after having plantar fasciitis.  Made of calcium the spur develops where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel under the foot.   -Soft gel pad cushions the heel with every step. -Heels float on cushioned pad. -Soft velvet top cover for extra comfort. -Self-stick cushions […]

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