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Top 3 Tips to Keep Older Feet Happy

Older feet naturally develop more problems; skin tends to thin and lose its elasticity. Healing can take longer and wear and tear to the joints over the years may have caused some degree of arthritis. SPENCO® SILICORE® Padding Products are available in four designs to cushion and protect all pressure-prone areas of the body.  From […]


How To Prevent Foot Odor and Smelly Feet

What causes foot odor? Here are some interesting facts about smelly feet: With over 250,000 sweat glands, a single foot is capable of putting out a pint of fluid (sweat) a day. This fluid is really just water and salt, which doesn’t have much of an odor. The medical term for sweaty feet is hyperhydrosis […]


Stopping Ball of Foot Pain

What is causing pain in the ball of the foot? Answer: Usually either 1. Metatarsalgia or 2. Morton's neuroma . 3. Atrophy of the Plantar Fat Pad Here are easy ways to tell what the problem is: 1. The word ˜metatarsalgia" actually means ball of foot pain . It feels like an ache in the […]

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