Foot Pillows Can Get You Back in High Heels

Love your high heels but having too much pain? You will love this solution! Doctors are now using Sculptra , a skin "filler" usually used in the face, as a filler placed in the ball of the foot. Called "foot pillows ", "foot lifts " and foot fashion's hottest accessory, this technique while not inexpensive, gives long-lasting results. In fact, after injecting, you will feel the results, plus collagen builds up over the next several weeks to further pad your foot. As we age, generally we gain fat. Unfortunately we lose fat in the balls of the feet ; sometimes it is so bad that when walking, the foot bones have no protection from hard walking surfaces. The condition is called metatarsalgia. Now, with Sculptra, there is an effective way to replace the padding. Sculptra is a safe, FDA-approved skin filler; biodegradable, it does not require an allergy test prior to use. The area is given a local injection, then Sculptra is injected. Its name gives it away; your Podiatrist can literally massage and "sculpt" it into place. The way Sculptra works: it is a suspension of a poly-lactic acid. It irritates cells and triggers fibroblastic activity; collagen is produced. So, Sculptra is technically NOT a filler so much as a catalyst, and its effects can last for several months.

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