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Questions About Foot Pain in the Arch

Donald asks… any explanation for a sharp pain in arch of my foot? It usually happens when I'm laying in my bed, one of my arches will hurt very bad, and at random times. I run in high school for the track and cross country teams, but i haven't experienced foot pain when I run. […]


Ankle and Foot Pain After Running Help

I play baseball and when I walk on the field or even when i walk normally through my day I get no pain anywhere. But when I run just a little bit, my ankles get this really sharp pain that sometimes I can almost not walk on it and the arcs of my feet also […]


Recommend Gear for Big Toe Pain and Minor Bunion?

I banged my big toe on the steps about 5 months ago and it still hurts when I wear heels or closed toe shoes. Besides this i think i have a minor bunion on each foot. I do not have insurance so it will be expensive to see a podiatrist. Any do-it-yourself or over the […]

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