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Does Anyone Have Advice for Children Being Treated for Clubfoot?

My son just got his Dennis Browne Bar and shoes and he completely hates them. He cries and can not sleep in them! He's supposed to wear them full-time right now, but he really isn't getting used to them. Are there any other alternatives? From admin: Please read our article: Club Foot: Diagnosis and Treatment. […]


How Should Bunions Be Treated?

You can point out a bunion yourself, that bump on the big toe, right? For a complete evaluation you will likely have x-rays so your Podiatrist can determine the degree and progress of the deformity and assess your needs.


Seven Top Foot Questions and Answers

Question: What can I do to get rid of my corns and/or calluses? Answer: Corns and calluses can be caused by foot deformities or from an ill-fitting or poor quality shoe. Only wear shoes that are well-constructed and fit properly. Take the time to have your feet measured; if you have gained weight it could […]

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