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Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath Review

Whenever one says the word “pampering” it’s almost impossible not to include foot care in the images that come to mind. This is why I will say that finding the Ultimate Foot Bath made me feel so good.


Pain Relief with Portable Ultrasound

Update: Since this article was posted, a new technique is available that uses Intrasound instead of ultrasound for pain relief. Novasonic Intrasound Massager - Chrome You can find the ultrasound machine in this post by doing a Google search for "professional portable ultrasound massager". Speed healing ultrasound is used by chiropractors & in physical therapy […]


Yoga Toes Are Over-Hyped

This is the original post about yoga toes; a lot of opinions have been tossed around since then so we have compiled the conversation here. At first we were not believers, but after reading what users have to say about them, and even Dr. Oz, well, fair is fair. We still maintain they don't alter […]

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