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Yoga Toes Review Part 2

The "Yoga Toes review "search continues;   there seems to be a lot of people trying to relieve foot pain, and they must be wondering: Do Yoga Toes work? Are Yoga Toes worth the price?   The first review on May 11 was fair, IMHO.  There is no doubt that Yoga Toes could feel good […]


Pretty Women's Summer Shoes Built for Comfort

Therapeutic shoes do not have to be ugly: look at these cute summer shoes! Built for comfort, they accommodate orthotics as well. Bite Trac Shoes are adventure-driven. Bite Cross Trac Sandals A casual sport sandal designed to support the foot through many environments – hiking, walking, running, and everyday activities. Built to accommodate custom-made orthotics, […]


Natural Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungus Nail Natural Treatment Toenails and fingernails are common breeding sites for fungal infections . Though they are common, they are not always easy to cure. Fungi are present everywhere; when infected, the nails will look thick and dull, and often are yellow, or even brownish in color. Eventually, they become crumbly and will result […]

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