For the Love of Feet: How Women Should Choose Shoes

What the heck does THAT mean; how women should choose shoes?

What time of day? - after walking around for hours, when they are nice and swollen…

Bring a friend for advice? - why not…

Only when they’re on sale? - who likes money -

No, the reason for the blog is about foot care, isn’t it…so with bunions and hammertoes and crippling pain in mind, let’s think.

Heels, stilettos, and slides, oh my! Podiatrists love them no matter how you look wearing high heels. I have friends who are thankin’ us all for their business.

Actually, a good podiatrist can be on your side and is worth a visit if you are feeling foot discomfort. You might get a little teasing about your choice of shoe, but these docs have a lot of weapons in their arsenal to keep your feet happy (or happier).

I know women who swear by custom orthotic devices. They are truly custom: a casting is made of your foot and sent to a lab; within a couple of weeks, you are kicking up your heels!

There are a lot of other options you may not even know about; heel supports, special wraps, etc.

Orthotic devices and foot supports are not a cure; if you already have gnarly bunions or hammertoes you need to re-think you shoe style, or at least wear the ‘killer’ shoes for short periods of time.

If you need to find a way to wear heels with more comfort, check this article on foot pillows.

Isn’t it amazing how aching feet can interfere with your day? See your podiatrist; or find one!