Get a Fish Pedicure!

Doctor Fish.  They are hungry and your feet will do just fine.  This is a species of little carp that will leave your feet baby-smooth as they busily munch on your dead skin cells.

fish chewing feet They don't have teeth, just really sharp gums apparently.

This practice started in Turkey and spread to Asia; with the proven dangers associated using a razor-type instrument to remove unsightly calluses, a spa in Virginia decided to give it a try.  Thousands of women have responded too! Here's Kim Kardashian's Fish Spa experience:



Comments about the practice are amusing. There are a lot of questions regarding hygiene and sharing the warm water the little fish like: one helpful visitor explained that everyone gets their own tank because when sharing a pool one foot got all the attention (we come in flavors?).

If chewing fish are not for you, consider Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File

Another question:  If the little critters are made into sushi, are you eating...?

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