Happy Kids Need Happy Feet

Girl Eating Ice Cream Cone --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIf your child is having trouble playing sports, or has pain in the ankles, knees, and/or hips, it makes sense to check their feet, the supporting factor for good mechanical alignment.


Foot pain in children should never be ignored; the foot and ankle are complex and are responsible for our body mechanics: balance, coordination, and strength.  Read here for some good points about children's sports injuries.

Your child will benefit from a Podiatric exam, not only for immediate relief but to prevent serious problems as they grow.  Did you know the lack of a normal arch, if left untreated, can cause arthritis?

Proactive treatment includes fitting babies with arch supports before they begin to walk; pigeon toes and clubfoot are best corrected at this stage too.

Any time your child has a foot injury, it is best to see a Podiatrist.  He/she is the most qualified to diagnose and treat foot injuries and foot deformities.  They are also expert in providing advice on how to choose children's shoes.

You don't hesitate to seek care for your child when they are sick; good foot care and foot pain relief is just as important for your child's well-being!