Whenever one says the word “pampering” it’s almost impossible not to include foot care in the images that come to mind. This is why I will say that finding the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath made me feel so good.

Imagine being on your feet all day while keeping a big grin even when your feet are aching—that’s what I go through while working at a department store in the big city.

STRESS in all caps-- and what better way to start de-stressing than a nice foot spa? This is why I’ve tried almost every imaginable foot pampering product in the city and yes, splurged on foot spas at the salons whenever I save enough for it.

Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath

Thank Heaven for the Internet, which is how I found this foot bath. I was treated to an extraordinary spa experience with soothing Ozone (oxygenated) water. There’s an Aromatherapy option too! Ozone has already been used for a long time in keeping public swimming pools clean and getting rid of water pollutants. It is a reactive oxidizing agent that eliminates water impurities and is also used to deodorize air. The Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath gives you these benefits as it pampers your tired feet.
What are its features?

  • Ozone (activated oxygen)
  • Heats cold water instantly and keeps water warm
  • Vibration delivers invigorating massage
  • Bubbles stimulate feet
  • Aromatherapy option
  • Waterproof Toe Touch Control easily turns on and off with a touch of the toe

This Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak is infused with invigorating mint and includes mineral salts; the perfect complement with your foot bath...Review on amazon.com:

"This soak leaves my feet feeling great. The heals and toes feel wonderful after I soak them in this product for about 15 to 20 minutes. I bought multiple jars to take advantage of the free shipping. Would definately buy this product again and again."

The stationary pedicenter has three interchangeable massage attachments:

  1. pumice stone which exfoliates the feet,
  2.  acupressure for stimulating sore feet
  3. and acunodes to refresh tired feet.

One of the things I like about it is that water can be emptied easily through its front opening and its aromatherapy dispenser is just neat. It is activated when you put in essential oils or scent beads for a more luxurious massage experience. Now I don’t know about you, but I really think that the ultimate foot spa experience must include aromatherapy and this product just makes it so easy! The basin’s roller massagers revive tired feet and its heel rest has water drainage holes.

Another plus one on neatness goes to the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath for having a built-in hood that retains heat and adds splash protection. The basin can hold up to 3.2 quarts of water and fit men’s sizes up to 11.5 and women’s size up to 13. It has a large rubberized tub for non-slip support and it comes with an 8 ft. cord.

What is Ozone?

There are three options to choose from:

  •  Heat/Massage Infrared Heat option heats the foot spa via infrared and vibrates it. I’m not into having prolonged vibrations though.
  • Water Heat up/Aeration Heat option heats water with (like it says) aeration or bubbles. Imagine how good that feels!
  •  Water Jets option, like its name, creates water jets that are gentle and soothing at the same time

What others are saying on Amazon.com:

"I recommend this spa to anyone that will listen! I love it.
I am a nurse and so I spend a lot of time on my feet. I wasted lots of money on "heated" foot spas, mostly from conair. I got completely sick of the spas not actually heating up - whether they were water spas or just heated foot massagers.
I found this spa during a google search probably about a year ago. If you google the reviews, they are almost all positive -- and for good reason!
The water heats itself up. Holy smokes! You can take cold water and have it heat up for you. It's awesome. My foot baths last way too long now, haha"

"Only foot spa I have ever liked. The water actually gets really hot. The accu-pressure attachment really massages deep into the tissue. I also used the pumice stone attachment to remove dry dead skin. My feet are softer than ever. Great product and definitely worth the money!"

Like any other prudent online buyer, I check out reviews before and after a purchase just to make sure that I bought the right product. Now I don’t know why a few people say it doesn’t work because it does work for me—and there are more people who have a lot of good things to say about the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath than those who don’t.
Some people say that the water is a little shallow but once the spa is turned on, they couldn’t care less because it just feels wonderful and makes your feet softer.

What do I love most about it? It’s the only foot spa equipment that I’ve encountered that can heat up cold water. Yes, I can say that again: you can enjoy your very warm foot bath even if the water you put in is cold. It really is the ultimate pampering machine and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I’ve experienced those products that look like they came out of sci-fi movies and the mere thought of reading the manual seems already tiring. Well, not this one. It’s so easy to use that you can even use just one toe to manipulate its controls—how easy could a product get?
It is also very durable and you won’t get so worried about product support since you get one year warranty upon purchasing it.
After a long day’s work, now there’s one more thing to look forward to when I get home: a very nice foot spa machine that’s worth the price I paid for. I even think I got more than what I paid for since I get to save money because I don’t have to go to overpriced salons just for feet pampering. I can do that right at home, when I want it and where I want it with the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath.

Having comparison-shopped online I settled on my purchase of the Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath  through Amazon.com. The price couldn't be beat plus they offer free shipping!