How Do You Keep Your Foot Dressing Dry After Surgery?


After foot surgery you will receive a list of instructions, basically following the RICE therapy:


  • The first two days, just get up to use the restroom, eat, etc.  Have everything you need right nest to you:  fluids, snacks, remote control, phone, reading materials, medication, a walker if necessary.


  • Usually recommended 20 minutes every hour while. awake for the first 2 days.


  • This is usually accomplished by your post-operative dressing.


  • About a 30-degree angle, or above the level of your heart.  Don't worry, your foot will let you know the right height (it will stop throbbing!).

Just as important however, is to keep your dressing completely dry.  This is because bacteria thrive in a moist environment, and a fresh surgical incision is very vulnerable to infection.

Keeping your foot dry makes hygiene a challenge, doesn't it?  When I had foot surgery, I was young and healthy and preferred a shower to a bath anyway; there wasn't much of a problem placing a heavy-duty trash bag around my lower leg, secured with a rubber band.

But what if you are a little unsteady on your feet, or you are caring for a child?  You need to plan ahead.  Here is one product that has an application ring; no velcro or ties and is waterproof and can be used daily for at least 6 weeks:

Seal-Tight Cast and Bandage Covers

Pediatric Seal-Tight

The Stay-Dry Pro Pump has a patented pump system; you can actually swim in it.  It is also great if you have a prosthetic; you don't have to remove it to swim.

Dry Pro Half Leg

You may do just fine with plastic wrap as well; these suggestions are reasonable alternatives.