How To Treat A Sprained Ankle

Ankle traumas are rather complex; a severe strain can be a serious injury.  Ankle sprains are classified according to the degree of injury. There are 3 grades:

  • I Partial ligament tear

Symptoms: Mild swelling, mild to no ankle instability,mild to moderate pain, swelling and discoloration.




Ice : 20 minutes per hour while awake for 3 days, then as desired

Compression :

Ace wrap

Elevation : above the level of your heart (about a 30 degree elevation)

Maintain range of motion

Ankle support

  • II  Moderate impairment with incomplete ligament tear

Symptoms: severe swelling and discoloration, pain with bearing weight; need exam to confirm

Treatment: See above

  • III Complete ligament tear

Symptoms: inability to walk; positive exam result

Treatment: Possibly surgery ; (best to consult a Podiatric foot and ankle surgeon)

Physical therapy If you have sustained an ankle sprain, it is best to consult a podiatrist.  A physical exam combined with pertinent diagnostic tests can mean the difference between a good recovery an ongoing physical problems. This is not something you want to diagnose yourself.