How to Treat Top of the Foot Pain

First, it is obviously important to isolate the reason for top of the foot pain.

1. Have you sprained your foot or dropped something on the top of your foot? (If your child is complaining about top of the foot pain, find this out first.)

2. Do you have a hammertoe? Hammertoes can cause top of the foot pain.

3. Are you a runner? Athletes are not only susceptible to injuries such as stress fractures and tendonitis, they often will not stop their workouts. There may be pain along the line of the second toe, or third and fourth toes. To compensate, overpronation may occur (please see related article, Do You Have Foot Pronation?), reuslying in foot and ankle pain.

4. An inflamed nerve called a Mortons Neuroma can cause a pain in top of foot.

5. A sac of fluid sometimes forms in a leak of a foot joint capsule. It is called a ganglion cyst and often forms on the top of the foot. Whatever the foot pain diagnosis is, you need foot pain relief. First insert insoles into your shoes to correct the overpronation of the foot. If it does not relieve the problem, see your podiatrist to get a professional foot pain diagnosis.