Diabetic Neuropathy Questions

My 5 hr gluscose testing showed high results. 318 after 1 hour. My primary care doc stinks. It was my eye doc that took the right test. I would change docs' in a heartbeat but I am disabled and on medicaid. Everyone hates medicaid. I can't same I blame them but then I fall between the cracks. What am I to do? Homeopathic self care. I am loaded with meds from the ER that upset my stomach. Why should I keep taking pain meds before this blood sugar roller coaster is addressed? Healthcare where I live is the worst I have ever seen. My daughter of 23 died almost four years ago here. She was misdiagnosed. No, I didn't sue. No money would ever cure my heart. It will be broken forever. My two grand children need me and that is why I am reaching out for help. I have had Epstein barr titer flag for 4 years, and high sugar levels that drop to moderately low levels. My pain in the l leg has gotton so bad I can only use it for half a day without an aid. I stopped all meds. My stomach loves me.