Natural Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungus Nail Natural Treatmenttoenail polish

Toenails and fingernails are common breeding sites for fungal infections . Though they are common, they are not always easy to cure.

Fungi are present everywhere; when infected, the nails will look thick and dull, and often are yellow, or even brownish in color. Eventually, they become crumbly and will result in the loss of your nails.

To prevent nail fungus , you may want to avoid wearing nylons when possible and switch to cotton or natural wool socks instead.

Home Remedies that start to work within 24 hours!

Do use breathable shoes when going out and always wash your feet and dry it thoroughly.

Sharing of wash cloths and towels is not recommended , as wet surfaces easily transmit bacteria.

Wear something to protect your feet from communal surfaces (like at the gym). And if you do not really need to wear nail polish, don't.

A natural topical nail fungus treatment should be started as soon as you detect thickening and yellowing of your toenails. For more information visit .

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