Nike Military Boots: HooooAHH!!!

A big "oops" from our military for far too long has been the oversight of good foot care for our Armed Forces.  The price is being paid by all of us as our troops, being forced to go for miles in footwear that is detrimental to foot health, are left with long term damage that could be largely avoided through prevention.

But, since when is Government, umm,...logical?  Thankfully, big business is.  we have yet to see how it plays out, but Nike has taken a healthy step with their new line of Special Forces Boots.

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Nike Boots for Special Forces

The military has always served as an incubator of groundbreaking technology and wild inventions (hello, the Internet). At the same time, private enterprise is uniquely equipped to hone expertise in very narrow fields. Nike, for… ...

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Nike Boots for Special Forces PSFK - London,England,UK Nike, for example, continues to one-up itself with new and improved fabric development and shoe design - something the military probably doesn’t have the . ...

Nike Special Forces Boots Sent From Iraq

Nike made these boots specifically for the Special Forces. Very light weight, extra long laces for tourniquets, and the Nike Free sole. I would not say these are the best for kicking teeth in, but as far as light and keeping the sand ...

My dear friend served 2 tours in Viet Nam, and has had foot and ankle problems since his 20's due to marching, running, and just plain wearing unforgiving heavy, hard soled military-issue boots.

Another friend, a podiatrist, treats many soldiers at a tremendous discount (thank you Dr. Burns!), can readily identify the many ways proper footwear could benefit our soldiers.

In the old west, one of the worst things to happen to a cowboy would be losing his boots.

Wouldn't it be best to help our patriotic brothers and sisters in every way we can?