Pain Relief with Portable Ultrasound

Update: Since this article was posted, a new technique is available that uses Intrasound instead of ultrasound for pain relief. Novasonic Intrasound Massager - Chrome


You can find the ultrasound machine in this post by doing a Google search for "professional portable ultrasound massager".

Speed healing ultrasound is used by chiropractors & in physical therapy to treat pain, spasms & inflammation. Sound waves promote tissue heating & blood flow to speed the recovery process & injury rehab. Home ultrasound machines will help you live pain free.

Professional Portable Ultrasound Massager

From the manufacturer:

"Ultrasound generates deep heat within the body penetrating the skin and tissue for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as pain relief, muscle spasms and joint contractures. The unit itself does not heat up. The SPU-1000 can also be used with a special gel formulated for ideal transmission into the skin. Features Special ultrasound probe to increase the intensity of treatment. Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of continuous usage to prevent skin damage. Aquasonic Gel specifically designed for transmission of ultrasound waves through the skin Highly absorbent cleaning cloth which can be washed and re-used. Custom made in USA carrying case that allows safety lock to ensure child safety. This product does not contain Latex."

The handheld transducer also allows you to localize ultrasonic energy on a musculoskeletal pain - creating a therapeutic effect & inducing soft tissue healing.

The targeted pulsed-release of low frequency ultrasound waves causes micro-vibrations in the tissues, generating deep heat (diathermy), for the treatment of pain, muscles spasm and joint contractures.

The user-friendly ultrasonic therapy speeds healing by improving local blood circulation & oxygen flow and increasing tissue relaxation & scar tissue breakdown for increased mobility in the tendons and joints.

What users are saying:

"I received and tried Professional Portable Ultrasound 1 MHZ Therapy Massager that I bought from Amazon. It is relatively low cost small device that works from electric line. I use it to relieve pain during gout attack when my joints get swollen. It was not a miracle cure, but pain in my ankle get reduced big way after the first 10 min. treatment. After 2 more treatments with 4 hour interval I could walk on my feet without cane! It is great help for me and I want to say big thanks to manufacturer of this little wonder.
Good help to you all."

"I was having to visit a physical therapist two to three times a week for treatment of a swollen plantar tendon. The primary thing the therapist did (other than show me exercises) was to apply ultrasound treatment. At $35 a visit, the unit paid for itself after just a couple of uses. I know that it works too because it has kept the swelling down."

This item is no longer available at; try Novasonic Intrasound Massager - Chrome
We recommend reading more about it, and other reviews are available as well.