Paris Hilton, Shoe Princess

Paris Hilton

Her feet are probably not heiress Paris Hilton’s best assets, but she’s definitely making use of them. Miss Hilton is following in the path of younger sister Nicky, who scored high marks in the handbag and women’s apparel arena.

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There is little doubt that Paris Hilton is setting up her unique style in the line of footwear. Not only will this divert all the commotion over internet scandals and jail time , but Paris will be able to impart her great sense of style and vision toward young and fashionable commoners.

Paris already collaborated with Antebi Footwear earlier this year for this endeavor, and we should be expecting her new line early in 2008. But before women swarm from their boring natural foot habitat and adopt the heiress line, let’s evaluate what we are expecting to see. Living with all the lights and delights of a princess, there is no doubt that Paris is setting trends.


paris hilton shoes

First in fashion , then fragrance , and now in footwear . Thanks to the media and Paris’ willingness to be center stage we were always privy to witness her vast supply of shoes as Paris tripped from one party to another , one show to the other, sometimes simply walking her prized pet of the moment, or turning it on for the cameras.

The shoes fall into the categories of pointed stilettos , platforms , high heels , wedges of varying colors, and sports shoes . On special occasions and frequent vacations, you could see Paris wearing footwear by Jimmy Choo , Christian Louboutin , Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent .

She enjoys trendy designs from all over the globe. So really, who would know more about a great shoe? One common denominator that distinguishes Paris Hilton’s shoes is not only their size but the distinct styles she favors. For instance, notice the four-inch heels attached to her pointed stilettos and ark wide platforms .

Aside from the height of the heels are the fabrics. Dominant patterns included are leopard and zebra prints ; if we take into account Paris’ many pets, could we say that Paris is an animal lover of all kinds? Gems of different stones can also be found, like rubies , amethysts , diamonds and emeralds .

Especially on Tracy Stern’s exclusive design for the said celebrity. Paris Hilton’s flat shoes and sandals are far from the ordinary. We are not criticizing a healthy shoe addiction. But sometimes such a huge collection leads to a situation where an heiress simply has too many.

Currently she has over a thousand pairs of shoes and counting, and there was talk of donating some of them to an orphanage. What generosity by Paris; hopefully she can find someone with the same size feet as she has.

One can already foresee what new shoe lines Paris Hilton will share with us next year. She never stops revolutionizing fashion as she knows and comprehends it. She is not only a hotel heiress but also a radical shoe princess. 


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