Remove Dry Skin From Your Feet With a Podiatrist-Approved Tool

With summer comes sandals. Along with a good pedicure, the other thing you need is for the rest of your feet to look smooth and feel soft.

The Artemis Woman Heel Smoother is a salon-grade, Podiatrist-approved pedicure tool .  It works like microdermabrasion; in fact, uses the same aluminum oxide crystals.

The Artemis Woman has 2 different tips, one for the heel and ball of the foot, an a smaller one for toes and toenails. Plus it's waterproof ; take it in the shower with you and your feet are smoother is seconds!

You then smooth on nourishing shea butter with essential oils (aromatherapy), which is included. Please do not use dangerous blades or harsh chemicals on your feet; use this doctor-approved tool instead.

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