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Seven Reasons Natural Nail Polish Is Better For You

Seven Reasons Natural Nail Polish Is Better For You


Update: Since this was first published, we were able to come up with many more than seven reasons!

toesTaking care of your nails is a good habit; first impressions count. However, do you know what you are putting on your nails? Almost every nail polish product today has chemicals you would not want to be near, much less have on your fingers and toes. Pregnant women are especially careful and may want to investigate the alternative of natural nail polish.

Benefits of Natural Nail Polish

What makes natural nail polish safer? It's often what it leaves out; the ingredients in most polishes are astonishingly harmful. Here is what a natural recipe should NOT have in it:

  • Formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical used in industrial-strength cleaning solutions, and is in embalming fluid. A bit of an overkill for nails, yes? Formaldehyde is the last yellowish goopy substance to get off your nails with nail polish remover.
  • Toluene, a chemical that can damage the kidneys, liver, and nervous system. It is essentially paint thinner.
  • DBP, a toxin banned in Europe that may cause birth defects. Dibutyl phthalate was added to nail polish to increase its fluidity. We say "was" because thankfully most companies have removed it from their products in the U.S. since 2006. It was added to prevent polish from chipping
  • Butyl and ethyl acetates, flammable solvents
  • Phthalic anhydride, another plasticizer
  • Nitrocellulose, a flammable compound used in laquers, paints, magicians' tricks, and gunpowder
  • Acetone, a simple ketone, and a powerful cleaning agent
  • Heavy metals
  • Camphor, an inhalant
  • More ingredients listed in Wikipedia

If you have ever seen a young girl biting her polished nails, just think of this not-wonderful list of chemicals. Pedicures can do without toxins as well.

Another problem with many of these ingredients is the harmful odors inhaled during your manicure or pedicure. When you breathe in unhealthy chemicals they travel from the lungs, into the bloodstream, then to your liver. It has to break them down so they can be excreted via kidneys, skin (perspiration) or colon.

Polish is water-based or solvent-based. Solvents are still popular because they dry quicker and last longer. There are nail products that claim to be "natural" yet still contain some of the additives listed above. Water-based polish is considered the true natural nail polish.

What ingredients does natural nail polish include? Look for additives like these:

Enhanced with vitamin C and Vitamin E

Garlic bulb extract , which has anti-fungal properties

Tea-tree oil , an essential oil with anti-fungal and antiseptic properties

Wheat protein containing amino acids


Non-Ionic Soaps

Soy-based thickeners

What are the Drawbacks of Natural Nail Polish?

The chemicals used in traditional polish are powerful. Look, if they're good enough for gunpowder or embalming fluid...! Admittedly, using a safer product includes some accommodations. This type of polish can take longer to dry (although it feels dry to the touch really soon after it's been painted on, manufacturers have used the term "cure" and recommend applying at bedtime so it's completely dry in the morning), and doesn't last as long.

The challenge is finding products that are not only safe but can create a hard surface that adheres to a porous nail. Kinda tricky.

We recommend more loyalty to the producers of polishes that are safe,even if they are yet performing as well as traditional products. After all if no one is buying them, they will not be able to afford to improve.

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