Shoe Carnival And Soles4Souls To Launch Shoe Drive

From The Wall Street Journal Online:

Wayne Elsey, CEO of Soles4Souls and Todd Beurman,  Senior VP of Marketing for Shoe Carnival,announced the upcoming 3 week Shoe Drive September 3-24 at the more than 300 Shoe Carnival stores located in the South, Southeast, Midwest, and West U.S.

You can help by:

  • A $2.00 donation will buy a new pair of shoes
  • Trading shoes in good condition for a $5.00 coupon at Shoe Carnival

You can make a difference; there are people in this world who have never had a pair of shoes.  Soles4Soles had already donated over 3 million pairs of shoes worldwide.

This is Happy Feetz' 2nd artcile about Soles4Souls.  Shoe Carnival is new to us, but what a great company.  Thanks to their efforts shoes will be going to over 60 countries.  If you can't make it to their store, go online to either site.  It's so easy to help.

What if you simply placed one of these logos in your store window, or at your Podiatrist's office?  Hmmm...