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Donate Your Old Crocs and Help Victims in Myanmar and China

Soles United has found a way to recycle AND lend a hand. They coordinate donations of used Crocs , the popular casual foot wear, which are then recycled and given to people in need. Soles United has contributed to victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Wyclef Foundation in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Africa, and more. They are […]


Vegan Shoes, Going Green and Sustainable Footwear Is Officially Cool

Vegan shoes are growing in popularity; some people call them earth vegan shoes to emphasize they are ‘earth friendly’ footwear. Vegan means the shoes are non-leather; actually not made from any animal products. Hemp, cork, bamboo, natural crepe and cotton are all vegan products. Dansko Valerie Canvas - Sand Canvas The Valerie Canvas from Dansko […]

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