Shoe Donations to Los Angeles Youths

Happy Feetz has found another upcoming shoe donation.  The Fred Jordan Mission in east LA is handing out 5000 pair of shoes to underprivledged children, along with Foot Locker.

It is happening October 2 and is going to be a real party, with cake, runway modeling of new shoes, and more.  Read more about the shoe donations; again, shoes make a difference.

  • Carrie

    hi there I am Caroline i saw your ad in the internet that you are donating shoes and I got interested with it because we are sending clothes and shoes to the underprivileged people in the remotest part of northern Philippines. For 2 years we’ve been going to cheap yard sales look up in the internet for curb alerts for shoes, clothes etc.,we sort them out and we pack them in boxes and ship it to the Philippines where it can benefit those who are less fortunate. we have social workers whose in charge with the distribution of the said clothes and shoes to every household.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention and consideration regarding this matter.Our website is still under construction but we have lots of documentation. Hope to hear from you soon.

    sincerely yours,

  • We are a Southern California company based out of the city of Walnut. We have 10,000+ pairs of shoes we would like to donate. We are looking for a local charity to donate to.