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Sprained ankle week ago: foot turning red and shooting pains up my leg?

I sprained my ankle about a week and a half ago. Really almost two weeks. I can walk on it now and everything, though it was a bad sprain. Had x-rays and everything, it's not broken. But it's still swollen. Tonight I noticed my entire foot and ankle area, mostly the swollen area, is turning red. And I am having shooting pains up to my knee area (which has been the case through the entire sprain but more annoying tonight). I don't have insurance so the original $206 doctor visit was enough to set me back between that and a couple days off work from the pain. So now I'm just wondering if I should bother worrying about this. Is this normal? Is there some odd disease or condition I should be worried about? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think you may have an infection in your foot. A family member of mine was walking along last week and knocked his leg, but didn't scratch the surface of the skin and it seemed very minor. He then developed very similar symptoms to yourself, with slight swelling and a red 'rash' growing up his leg. The doctor diagnosed a secondary infection to one of the veins in his leg and prescribed general antibiotics. It's clearing up now.

I don't know where you are but i'm in China and you can get the usual antibiotics over the counter in most chemists here without a prescription from your doctor. An ibuprofen will take the edge off the pain and it's also an anti-inflammatory, which will help too. I'd give those a try for a couple of days.