Stickers For Sneakers

The company is called Sneakart.  What they are doing is pretty cool:  you can order pre-designed stickers to place on your shoes, OR, you can upload your own design, and get 10% each time your sticker sells!   Wacth the Sneakart Demo to learn how.

The stickers are made of a product called Sneakskin, which is made of non-toxic ink and is free of PVC.  Sneakskin is waterproof, thin and flexible, easy to peel off, and is made to last for a few months.sneakartsneaker

Using Sneakart is another chance to give back:  the company donates a portion of each sale to Street Kids International, and offsets carbon footprints in Brazil, India, and China using PURE renewable energy projects.

They also have free shipping globally.  Kudos to Sneakart; more companies can make a difference this way.  Come on; giving always gives you soomething too!

If you are in Europe, don't miss the Ecco Walkathons this fall.  Ecco also donates to Street Kids International.